Fully Informed Launches Their New Zealand Campaign

Entirely co-incidently another information campaign similar to the Trans Kids campaign has launched.

Fully Informed presents it’s demands on their website:

1) The Ministry of Health must remove descriptions of puberty blockers as “safe and fully reversible”.
2) Medical professionals must provide all relevant information on puberty blockers to parents, including the risk of negative impacts on cognitive function.

The Fully Informed website presents it’s purpose:

This site collates and summarises the medical literature and legal issues surrounding puberty blockers so that parents and doctors can be moreĀ fully informed.

To be clear, we have no relationship to Fully Informed, and only recently learned of their existence. We are pleased that levels of concern in New Zealand have reached the point where multiple campaigns are starting spontaneously and simultaneously.

This purpose overlaps with our own goals. Fully Informed is aimed at informing parents and doctors in particular of the uncertainties around puberty blockers. They have collated relevant documentation from the medical and scientific community: creating a reference repository.

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