Another Unfortunate Experiment: The Rivers & Abigail Report

On Friday, September 18th Jan Rivers and Jill Abigail released their jointly-written report. The title is “Another Unfortunate Experiment? New Zealand’s Transgender Health Policy And It’s Impact On Children”.

The title of the reports reflects the title of a Metro article published in June 1987 that exposed an experiment being run by National Women’s Hospital. The 1987 article exposed a grim experiment on unconsenting women,  lead to a Commission of Inquiry. The Cartwright Inquiry concluded that Herbert Green, the doctor running the experiment, employed scientific fraud to justify his experiments.

Parallel Experimentation But On A Larger Scale

Rivers and Abigail see obvious parallels between the treatment of women at National Women’s Hospital and treatments given to gender non-conforming children both in the UK and New Zealand.

Invoking recent events around the UK’s ‘Gender Identity Service’, the report says:

Patients were not told the treatment was experimental; nor that the drugs used are predominantly intended to treat prostate cancer in older men; nor that they have never been certified as safe and effective for treating gender dysphoria.

Concerns have been raised in the UK’s medical community about experimental nature of GIDS treatment of children. Professor Michael Biggs of Oxford University openly describes treatments with the GIDS as experimental. Neither parents nor children were informed of the experimental nature of treatment. Nor adequately informed of the experiments risks.


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